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Contesting Enforcement

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Have you received a warning letter or enforcement notice from the Council notifying you that they believe you have breached planning procedures? If so you’ll need good advice quickly.

We take a proactive and positive approach. First we’ll establish exactly what the issues are and whether the local authority has a valid case. If they do, we’ll then look for workable solutions.

We have extensive experience of dealing with enforcement matters, including persuading local authorities that their proposed actions are misguided and should be withdrawn, negotiating solutions and fighting appeals.

Examples include:

  • Winning an appeal to keep coffee shops open that had been threatened with closure, establishing a new precedent now relied upon throughout the sector
  • Negotiating away an enforcement notice for failure to comply with an acoustic control condition affecting numerous residential properties in Liverpool
  • Negotiating a solution for Armani after the local authority ordered them to remove the newly installed shop front from their flagship West End store
  • Securing retrospective permission on a house extension at appeal for a very relieved householder.

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